Frequently Asked Questions

General Use

Q: Why is my neck or upper back sore anyway?

A: Human spines are great at walking around upright. But most of us spend many hours a day bent forward doing something. The upper back hunches and the head and neck start to jut forward. This puts huge extra load on the muscles and joints of the neck, because the head is no longer easily balanced above the shoulders. So the muscles fatigue and strain, and the neck joints can lock, causing headache, neck and upper back pain, and even pain spreading down the shoulders and arms. A whiplash accident or other impact can also jolt the joints so they jam up.

Q: How will the Backpod™ help me?

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Q: I've already had neck treatment - how come I'm not fixed?

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Q: How do I keep the Backpod™ clean?

Q: Does the Backpod™ have other uses?