The Backpod is Made in New Zealand.

December 2017

The Backpod YOUTUBE Channel reaches 450,000 Views. 

May 2017

Steve August is featured in a story on the iHunch. Front page of the New Zealand Herald. Growing number of New Zealanders suffering from iHunch - NZ Herald May 8th 2017

April 2017

The iHunch has a Wikipedia page to help explain
the common spinal problem of an excessively
kyphotic (hunched) thoracic spine driving neck
pain and cervicogenic headache. 




March 2017

  How to Strengthen Neck Muscles at home (YOUTUBE)
  Video reaches 100,000 Views. 

Feburary 2017
Bodystance releases the improved Lifestyle packaging designed for the Backpod. Great for storage on your bookcase, to display instore or just when you give the Backpod as a gift. Avaliable in Europe from March 2017. 






January 2017

The Backpod is now avaliable on AMAZON 
to allow faster delivery into the USA and UK. 



May 2016
Seminar NZ Dental Expo 2016, Ergonomics in Dentistry - Managing Neck and Upper Back Pain.

April 2016   
Bodystance NZ & Steve August features in NBR National Business Review Radio 6.35min. Inventive Dunedin physio finds cure for nerds' 'iHunch', NEVIL GIBSON FRIDAY APRIL 15, 2016.

EUROPE: Steve August traveled to Germany to deliver a training seminar on the iHunch and the Backpod to the Schupp annual conference in Düsseldorf. The Backpod has been taken on by Schupp, a venerable medical products firm supplying over 50,000 physiotherapy clinics in Germany.

Febuary 2016
Bodystance, Steve August features in the NZ Listener, Feb 6th-12th 2016, Straightening out the iHunch. 

January 2016
The Backpod Bodystance YOUTUBE Channel releases 4 NEW HEALTH VIDEOS: 
- How to identify the iHunch and treat it, with Steve August.
- How to minimise post surgery mastectomy pain.
- How to ease tight ribs, for Asthma sufferers.
- How to stretch the Piriformis muscle.

December 2015
The Backpod Bodystance YOUTUBE Channel releases 1 NEW HEALTH VIDEOS:
How To Fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome Part (2): Exercises and Treatment Details.

Bodystance, Steve August and the iHunch™ feature in the The New York Times, 12 Dec 2015, in an article written by Amy Cuddy. Link to full article Bodystance's Steve August featured in Amy Cuddy's new book, Presense: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. 




October 2015
The Backpod Bodystance YOUTUBE Channel releases 1 NEW HEALTH VIDEOS:

How To Fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome Chest Pain.
This 12 minute video explains what causes most costochondritis chest pain and therefore how to treat it logically and effectively. You need to ask WHY the rib joints are inflamed where they attach to the breastbone (sternum). For more detail.....

August 2015
The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - New Zealand OT Insight, page 15 & 28.

July 2015
Back health information from Bodystance profiled in - NZ Dental Association News July 2015, page 23 - 24. 

June 2015

Steve August talks about Backpain
and depression
- Breakfast TV ONE Tue 9th, 2015. 





May 2015
The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - IDEALOG May/June 2015, page 53 - 58. 
The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - PPTA News April/May 2015, page 6 - 7, Health and Safety.

April 2015
The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - PHYSIO MATTERS April 2015.

March 2015
The German Design award opens up European Market. Otago Daily Times, 28th Feb.

February 2015

Bodystance NZ is receiving a German Design Award, 13th February in Frankfurt. 
This is the first time a New Zealand product has been awarded this accolade.
Judged late 2014 the panel included industry representatives and institutions of
higher education in design, including representatives from
the foundation companies of the German Design Council. 


January 2015 Bodystance GmbH is formed in Germany. The Backpod now available in Germany and Europe, UK. For inquiries

December 2014
The Backpod is now avaliable in Australia. Avaliable online from Professional orders avaliable online

The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - Kiwi company Bodystance takes flight! Air NewZealand KIAORA Magazine Dec 2014.

Text Neck - INDUSTRY NEWS: Radio New Zealand National, Afternoons, 11 Dec 2014. This is a great 11 minute podcast from Ian d'Young an Auckland physiotherapist, profileing concern in regards to small technology devices and postural health. STREAM IT NOW. 

November 2014
Industry news: Nov 20th 2014 by Rachel Clun. Is texting hurting your neck? A person's stance while texting could be putting 27 kilograms of strain on their neck. more...

October 2014
The Backpod wins one of The German Design Awards - the only product from New Zealand to have ever done so. Last night the Backpod was awarded Excellent Product Design in Industry, Materials and Health Care. > German Design Award Galerie. This invitataion only award places Bodystance with the best companies in the world for new products in 2015.

Bodystance wins a Deloitte Fast 50, Rising Star - One to watch, Story profiled in Unlimited Magazine Page 39. 



September 2014
Steve August on TVNZ Breafast 23rd Sept, talking about the Backpod to beat the iHunch pandemic. STREAM IT NOW

July 2014
The Backpod has been nominated for a German Design Excellence award 2015 by the German Design Council. Otago Daily Times June 13th.
The Backpod is now avaliable for sale to Health Professionals across NZ. Avaliable from EBOS NZ

June 2014
Steve August has been invited up to the GP CME medical conference, held in conjunction with the NZMA at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre June 12-15th. He’ll be lecturing and demonstrating on the musculoskeletal course on the Thursday 12th at this industry event.

May 2014
Bodystance signed up another 270 Pharmacies across NZ this month. So it will now be easier to buy the Backpod regardless where you live. If you can't see it in store, just ask or let us know.

Otago University Student CRITIC NEWSPAPER issue 10: 2014, profiles the values of good posture beyond health, including employability as studied at Northwestern University, Illinois revealing that posture may in fact have more of an effect than job title on how people perceive themselves and how others treat them.

March 2014
The Backpod features in, NZ Life & Leisure magazine, issue 54-pg 63 Early Adopters. 

December 2013
Men's health expert Bernie McKone and former president for the Pharmaceutical society NZ, talks about upper back pain and neck problems on "The Farming Show". 1pm 17th Dec. (The Farming show)

The Backpod by Bodystance, features in - Ricoh Communicator, number 26-pg24. Profiling rapid protoyping and innovative companies in NZ. 

November 2013
Hear Steve talk about the Backpod on Radio New Zealand (Podcast National Radio) Saturday 16th 11.45am.

September 2013 
Bodystance, Finalist NZ Innovators Awards 2013 - Innovation in Design and Engineering
Bodystance, Finalist NZ Innovators Awards 2013 - Innovation in Health and Science
Bodystance places highly recommended, Deloitte Rising Stars competition, National business competition. 

August 2013
The Backpod Wins Bronze design award 2013 NZ Best design awards.
The Backpod now on show in Red Dot Museum, Singapore.

May 2013
The Backpod on TV1 News Monday 13th May, 2013
Backpod article TheBackpod

March 2013
Backpod wins a prestigious German Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013. The Backpod was awarded an “honourable mention” by the 37-member red dot jury for its particularly well-executed detail solution. Life Science and Medical product design catagory. This design award puts the Backpod in the TOP 4% of new products WORLDWIDE. 

Febuary 2013
Backpod article in Medical Assurance Society, ONMAS FEB 2013 page 3-4.

November 2012
Men's health expert Bernie McKone catches up with Jamie Mackay on The Farming Show, and has some great advice for farmers with back problems (Radio show) Nov 29 2:14pm

October 2012       
We've gone viral - check out TheBackpod facebook page! What's your experience? let us know.

August 2012        
Bodystance has released our 1st product in New Zealand through Green Cross Healthcare.