Practical help for neck and upper back pain

The Backpod: Lie back and treat yourself

The Backpod for upper back and neck pain - premium home treatment for the iHunch and other conditions.

The Backpod and its home program were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the huge upsurge of pain and headache in people hunching over computers and smartphones.

This makes the Backpod ideal for all hunching problems. It also stretches tight rib cage joints really effectively, so is ideal for several conditions involving these.

hamburger backpod

Why the Backpod?

It's practical New Zealand health technology. We genuinely don't think there's anything better for stretching out a hunched, tightened upper back, and nothing else at all that will effectively stretch tight rib joints.
  • Counter the iHunch and actually become taller.  Laptops, tablets and smartphones are stunning pieces of technology.  But they are also causing upper back pain, neck pain and headache in numbers never seen before.  Here’s how you treat and keep your spine flexible and strong - so it’ll handle much bending over these cool devices.  The Backpod and its simple home exercise and massage program cover each part of hunching problems - see THE iHUNCH page for more detail.  It’s this combination that works - most treatment approaches like gyms or chiropractors cover only one bit, so any improvements don’t last.
spine on backpod

So, the Backpod and its simple home program are specifically designed to pull you back towards pain free perfect posture - see our PERFECT POSTURE page for why posture is important.  The Backpod itself is an international award-winning Classification 1 medical device.  Lying back on it uses your upper body weight to stretch out a tightened, stooped middle and upper back, and tight rib cage.  See THE BACKPOD page for more detail.

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We built it to counter the iHunch, which means it’s also ideal for all groups and medical conditions with problems from bending forward.  So it’s for all computer users and especially for laptop, tablet and smartphone users, dentists, chefs, surgeons, bank tellers, gamers, hairdressers, builders, nursing mothers, drivers, doctors, anyone with ankylosing spondylitis or Scheuermann’s disease (Scheuermann’s osteochondritis), nurses, jewellers, cyclists, musicians, slouching adolescents - and anyone else who’s getting sore and hunched.

costo ribs
  • Free up tight rib cage joints.  The Backpod is the only thing we know of that will do this really well, for clear technical reasons - see THE BACKPOD page.  This is really important - you can’t take a full breath in if your rib joints are too tight to let you.  This is commonly the case with chronic asthma and other lung conditions, rib pain in pregnancy, and persisting pain after chest surgery - see our OTHER CONDITIONS page for more details.  All athletic performance will improve if you can get more air into your lungs and better torso rotation, especially swimming, all underwater sports, baseball, cricket, tennis and golf. 

    Freeing up the tight and immobile rib joints round the back is the essential core of fixing almost all costochondritis, Tietze’s Syndrome and slipping ribs - see our COSTOCHONDRITIS page for more details.  The "mysterious inflammation" view of costochondritis is NOT evidence based and generally doesn’t work.

backpod side
  • Treat scoliosis.  The Backpod’s small peaked shape positioned beside the spine opposes the thoracic twist in scoliosis - see our OTHER CONDITIONS page for details.

  • Treat tight sacroiliac and tailbone pain, including sacroiliac pain in pregnancy.  Lying back with the Backpod positioned under your sacrum gives an easy sustained stretch to the sacroiliac joints. These are commonly tight and painful partway through pregnancy, even though their ligaments are getting looser - see the OTHER CONDITIONS page for more details. 

backpod whole
  • Avoid repeated and expensive manipulations.  Chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists (PTs) can unlock stuck back, rib and sacroiliac joints - often dramatically effectively.  But unless you stretch the tight material around the joints, they just tighten up again.  The Backpod provides this focused stretch brilliantly - see THE BACKPOD page for greater detail.  If manipulation helps temporarily, the Backpod should give you a lasting fix. 

Reviews of the Backpod

'COSTOCHONDRITIS/The Backpod' by Samantha Wayne, who had costochondritis for a year, was pain free in three weeks on the Backpod, and is now back in the gym.
'7 Exercises That Instantly Unhunch Your Shoulders + BONUS' by Bob Shrupp and Brad Heineck - "The two most famous Physical Therapists on the Internet"

More information - download or view

Backpod at a glance - quick information sheet
Full Backpod user guide (2020) - includes technical information for doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.