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The Backpod: Lie back and treat yourself

The Backpod and its home program were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the huge upsurge of pain and headache in people hunching over computers and smartphones.

This makes the Backpod ideal for all hunching problems.  It also stretches tight rib cage joints really effectively, so is ideal for several conditions involving these.

Reviews of the Backpod

youtube iconsamantha wayne costo video'COSTOCHONDRITIS/The Backpod' by Samantha Wayne, who had costochondritis for a year, was pain free in three weeks on the Backpod, and is now back in the gym.
youtube icon7 exercises unhunch shoulders'7 Exercises That Instantly Unhunch Your Shoulders + BONUS' by Bob Shrupp and Brad Heineck - "The two most famous Physical Therapists on the Internet"


More information - download or view

pdf iconBackpod at a glance - quick information sheet
pdf iconFull Backpod user guide (2020) - includes technical information for doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.