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The Backpod: Lie back and treat yourself

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Business, media and health professional enquiries are usually attended to on the same day they arrive.  We can sell Backpods in bulk at a wholesale rate - contact us.

Message from Steve August: I attempt to respond to all enquiries from patients.  However I am getting somewhat swamped by queries from all around the world, and I'm also trying to have a life.  So, if you have a question about using the Backpod - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  There are also videos showing how to use the Backpod, and its home program, on the iHunch page.  I'm happy to answer specific concerns beyond that.

In that case, give me lots of data so I have a clear picture to make sense of for you.  Let me know what’s been going on, where exactly you hurt, how long has it been a problem, how did it come on, how old are you, where in the world you are, any other medical conditions, what investigations have you had, what treatments have you had, what helps, what makes it worse.  If you’ve been using the Backpod exactly how and where have you been using it and for how long, what’s yer quest and what’s yer favourite colour?  (All right - I’m joking about the last two.)  You know what’s been going on, but I don’t until you tell me.

Steve August (B.A.,Dip.Physio.).

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