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What is the Backpod?

The Backpod is a stand-alone home treatment device and ongoing care programme. It also helps and enhances existing treatment from doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals.

How can the Backpod help you?



There is a sort of mad disconnect between how costochondritis is understood and fixed in manual physiotherapy in New Zealand, and how it is not understood and not fixed in most other places in the world.   Of course it’s not a mystery and of course it’s fixable.

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Tietze Syndrome

This is just costochondritis with enough swelling at the rib joints on the breastbone to be noticeable - like you get a swollen ankle after rolling over on it.  (It is NOT an auto-immune swelling.)  You treat it just like costo, with the core of fixing it being freeing up the stuck rib joints around the back. 

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Slipping Ribs

These are much less common than costo or Tietze’s, but occur for the same reason. When the joints where the ribs hinge onto your spine cannot move, other parts of the rib cage HAVE to move more to let you breathe.

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Perfect Posture

Posture is important. Perfect posture sends a deep, instant body language message of self-confidence, self-esteem, being present, being valuable - literally being balanced.

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Headaches, jamming joints, pain in your neck, upper back, or shoulders?

The Backpod is a recent innovation by a New Zealand physiotherapist with 35 years' experience in treating back and neck pain. We think it is the most effective home package in the world for treating the common hunched upper back which drives most neck pain and headache.

Our Customers Say

  • Love this invention, use it all the time and even took it everywhere when we travelled overseas. Stretches/relieves that "difficult bit" mid back and between your shoulder blades that gets tight and out of whack. Heaps cheaper than physios. Highly recommend Fiona Brown

  • The backpod truly gave me my life back after 5 years of costo agony. I’ve now been painfree for 2 years. It was worth every penny. Huge thanks to Steve August for creating such a fantastic product!! Karen Forrest

  • I would highly recommend the Backpod for costochondritis. The relief is UNBELIEVABLE. After just a week the pain has dramatically improved and nowhere as bad as it has been. I hope more people find this little miracle. Thank you so much for this amazing device! Aisling Kenny Comerford