Where to buy

The Backpod: Lie back and treat yourself

Some of these Backpod suppliers will send Backpods outside their area - just click on an icon to see. Delivery can be fast, from various Backpod depots around the world - they don’t all ship directly from New Zealand. If no luck getting a Backpod sent to your country, try getting a friend elsewhere in the world to send you one. A Backpod in its box measures 215 x 70 x 150mm (8.5 x 3 x 6 inches) and weighs 570gm (1.25 pounds).


Europe and UK

Bodystance.GmbH Europe

These are our German partners, who sell the Backpod throughout Europe, including the UK, Norway and Switzerland.


Sells the Backpod to the public throughout Europe.

Schupp EU

Sells the Backpod to physiotherapists and health professionals throughout Europe.

Amazon UK

Sells the Backpod throughout the UK.


North America

Amazon USA

Sells the Backpod throughout the USA.

Amazon Canada

Sells the Backpod throughout Canada.

Amazon Mexico

Vende el Backpod en todo México. Sells the Backpod throughout Mexico.



Amazon Japan

Sells the Backpod throughout Japan. 



Amazon Australia

Sells the Backpod throughout Australia.

Bad Backs Australia

Bad Backs have shops in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, selling to the public.

Astir Australia

Astir sells to physiotherapists and other health professionals in Australia.

Whiteley Healthcare

Whiteley sells to physiotherapists and other health professionals in Australia.


MyPhysioShop is the Whiteley outlet which sells to the public in Australia.


New Zealand

The Backpod is available through most pharmacies in New Zealand.

NZ Health Delivery

Sells Backpods to the public. Order online or ring freephone 0800 784 677 in New Zealand; free shipping throughout NZ. There’s a special price for health professionals.

erban spa

Sells to the public.

EBOS Healthcare

Sells to health professionals and the public.

CDC Pharmaceuticals

Sells to pharmacists in New Zealand.

Green Cross Health

Sells to pharmacists in New Zealand.

Reviews of the Backpod

amazon iconBackpod reviews on Amazon.com - the five star ones are worth reading in detail.


Disclaimer: Used sensibly, the Backpod is safe for almost all common musculoskeletal conditions involving the upper back, middle back and neck. It is entirely under the user’s control. The stretch it provides can be graded with pillows under your head and/or a fluffy towel or two over the Backpod itself so that it’s just initially uncomfortable - this is all in the instructions. We do genuinely think that the Backpod does a better stretch for the thoracic spine and rib cage than anything else on the planet. It is not possible to build a single product perfectly suited to every patient; however the Backpod and its home programme should benefit the vast majority of upper back and neck problems. If problems or pain persist when using the Backpod or following its home programme, see your doctor or other appropriate health practitioner. The Backpod shouldn’t be used where there are wounds, recent surgery, infections, shingles or other skin lesions; bony fractures, cancer, or much osteoporosis - see pages 7&8 in the Backpod’s user guide on the BACKPOD page.